The aims of the UKCMA are:

  1. To promote the use of competent, professional Crowd Management specialists at events.
  2. To represent the interests of the industry to Government bodies, stakeholders and relevant organisations.
  3. To promote crowd management competency, by developing best practice and industry training standards.
  4. To act as a conduit of communication and support between members.


Membership is open to individuals, private companies or other organisations, which provide Crowd Management & Public Safety services at the following levels:

Full Membership:

Open to those companies whose main area of business, or who have a division whose main area of business is to provide stewarding and security staff in support of crowd management operations. Membership is subject to member’s approval.

Associate Membership:

Open to those companies or individuals providing crowd management consultancy services, Public Safety Consultation Services (within crowd management) or whose main business supports the provision of crowd management services and who also supports the aims and objectives of the Association. Membership is subject to member’s approval.