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Oliver Gardiner

Drawing upon his 20+ years experience within multiple sectors of the security industry in the UK, Oliver leads Vespasian Security in the delivery of large-scale crowd management and security projects. As part of his role within the United Kingdom Crowd Management Association (UKCMA) Oliver works with industry colleagues to encourage the adoption of best practice, to improve standards across the industry and to act as a voice for the companies and thousands of team members who work within those organisations.

Beginning within the security industry at 18 years old working in traditional frontline roles in city centre, late night economy premises, Oliver saw the opportunity to capitalise on the introduction of the SIA. He did this by offering a new brand and approach to the security and crowd management industries by starting Vespasian Security in 2006.

Moving swiftly into large scale crowd management projects, Oliver has led teams at some of the UK largest events, whilst ensuring that the company always delivered a high quality of service at home on the doors. Oliver sees the traditional door environment as the best proving ground for those within the industry and this has proven a solid training and development route for team members across his and other organisations.

Starting Broadside Training in 2018, the drive was to increase quality of training in the sector and take control of the skills pipeline.

Driven to connect with like-minded companies who are passionate about standards within the security industry, Oliver and his team work within many partner organisations including the United Kingdom Crowd Management Association (UKCMA).

Fun fact: Ollie was the first male SIA Licensed Door Supervisor in the UK under the pilot launched first in Hampshire and the IoW!

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