Ric Robins

Ric has worked for the Met Office for 40 years across a wide range of roles including weather forecasting, operations management, business development and product strategy. He works extensively with industry and government agencies, including Defence, Civil Aviation, Civil Contingencies and across the road, rail, energy, water and the sport and event industries.

His current job makes him responsible for ensuring the Met Office has a range of products and services that fit the current and future decision making needs of Government, industry and UK citizens to help them make decisions to stay safe and thrive. This includes services that support weather driven decision making across the resilience, transport and event safety communities.

Ric has a keen interest in sport, festivals and concerts and is a volunteer with a professional football club. Along with his wife he goes to several concerts each year but tends to avoid the Robbie Williams ones because she screams all the way through.

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