The Baroness Casey of Blackstock DBE CB

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The Baroness Casey of Blackstock DBE CB

House of Lords

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Day 1 - The 2021 Wembley Disorder

The BARONESS CASEY OF BLACKSTOCK became a Cross bench peer in the House of Lords in October 2021, she is an independent advisor for social welfare, crime, inclusion and diversity and a range of other topical issues.

A former British government official (also known as a ‘Czar’), she worked on issues relating to social welfare for five Prime Ministers over the last 25 years. She was made head of the Rough Sleepers’ Unit in 1999, where she successfully led the strategy to reduce the numbers of people living on the streets by two thirds. Baroness Casey went on to hold several leadership positions including the Director of the National Anti-Social Behaviour Unit, the Respect Task Force and the Troubled Families programme, as well as the UK’s first Victims’ Commissioner.

She left the civil service in 2017, to establish the Institute for Global Homelessness, with the aim of delivering an international solution to homelessness across the world. In 2020, Baroness Casey returned to Whitehall where she led the Government’s COVID-19 rough sleeping response and ran the “Everyone In” strategy, getting over 6,000 homeless people off the streets and into safe accommodation. More latterly, she spent over 12 months in the Metropolitan Police in London undertaking a Review into Culture and Standards published in March 2023.

Baroness Casey is heavily involved in a number of charities including as a trustee of The Prince of Wales Charitable Fund and is also a Visiting Professor at King’s College London.

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