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Carlisle Support Services

Sponsoring: Private Security: The Role in Crowd Safety (Day 1)

Carlisle Security Services is one of the leading suppliers of value-added solutions in the UK. Having delivered Security and Crowd Management services for over 30 years’, we continue to be the chosen service partner for several of the UK’s globally recognised publicly accessible and event venues.

All-encompassing, return on investment positive event management and staffing solutions that deliver seamless user experiences. We deliver sustainable service innovations and operating efficiencies that give you the ability to maximise venue usage and revenue. From the initial risk assessment and event planning, we project manage and staff entire events from start to finish for enhanced stewarding and security.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

Event management

  • Access and egress control
  • Bag search
  • Behavioural detection officers
  • Car park marshalling
  • Directional staff
  • Event controllers
  • Hospitality stewards
  • Night security
  • Response teams
  • Scanner and arch operations
  • Search dogs – explosive and drugs
  • Search management
  • Tout patrols
  • VIP management

Crowd control

  • Announcers
  • Crowd pulsing
  • Customer service
  • Platform and concourse
  • management
  • Queue layouts
  • Queue management
  • Train capacity management

Event planning

  • Build and break security
  • Counter-terrorism risk
  • assessments
  • Flow management
  • Location planning