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Sponsoring: Crowd Management Good Practice: Supporting Documentation for Performance and Licensed Spaces in the United Kingdom (Day 1)

Video is our tool and safety our goal

Discover the power of CrowdCows, the authority in communication with large visitor flows.

With our advanced Integrated Crowd Communication System (ICCS), you are assured of fast and reliable interaction with your visitors.

But we go beyond just delivering a high-quality communication system.

Thanks to techniques such as priming, nudging, NLP, and framing, we have the ability to influence and transform the behavior of your visitors.

Our unique combination of reliable hardware and thoughtful neuropsychology allows you to focus on other important aspects of your activities.

Discover how CrowdCows optimises your communication with visitors and elevates safety and visitor experience to a higher level.

Why CrowdCows?

Reliable: We do what we promise. We are honest about our capabilities and incapabilities.

Sympathetic: We would like to share our experience and network in the international event industry with you.

No-nonsense: We like to tackle things. Our motto “Roll up our sleeves”!