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Crowdguard are a specialist in event safety and crowd management. We provide a turnkey service to help you plan and implement strategies to keep people safer with market- leading solutions, installed by experts, and designed to help you mitigate risk.

Our aim is to support and advise you by offering a flexible approach to helping you understand your risk and select physical protection systems aligned to your risk factors, your operational requirement, and your budget. We can advise you from our broad portfolio of tested and certified HVM and barrier systems. Every installation is specified, managed and quality assured by us, including deployment of trained and trusted installation teams anywhere in the UK, and a full de-rigging service, to your required schedule.


We offer a full threat, vulnerability and risk assessment (TVRA) service and vehicle dynamics assessment (VDA), along with detailed specification of the right solutions to help you mitigate risk. Our experts can advise you on the most suitable products or combination of products for your requirements, taking into consideration your budget and the level of risk you are prepared to accept.


We provide safety and security equipment, with a full deployment and de-rigging service, anywhere in the UK. This includes temporary, surface-mounted and pedestrian permeable HVM and barrier systems, along with semi-permanent and permanent HVM solutions. Several of our systems can be customised for branding, advertising, wayfinding or aesthetic purposes. Our trained and trusted installation teams will install and de-rig your protection aligned to your scheduling requirements, working through the night, where required, to get the job done on time and with minimal disruption.


Our systems are tested and certified and we follow a strict quality assurance process for your complete peace of mind. We are a member of the PSSA, and our trained installation technicians deliver quality assured and certified deployment to ensure integrity within our installations and ‘as rated’ configuration. Where this cannot happen due to location restrictions, every attempt is made to engineer the array and any difference in configuration to ‘as tested’ is explained.


Threat, Vulnerability & Risk Assessment

Carried out by certified risk assessors, our threat, vulnerability & risk assessment (TVRA) process considers all risk factors specific to your event, venue or location that can be managed with physical measures, effective resources and resource planning, and increased vigilance. Our team will visit the site and consider key locations, including all ingress and egress points and surrounding approaches, scoring the threat, vulnerability and risk of each area so that we can give you a fully-documented summary of risk factors and use these to inform our recommendations.

Vehicle Dynamics Assessment

We use vehicle dynamics assessments (VDA) to analyse how a vehicle could be used in an attack, and the likely speed on impact for vehicles of different sizes. Our assessment includes consideration of both acceleration and turning, helping us develop a clear picture of the level of risk. Our experts use various tools and data to carry out the VDA – including a site visit during event times where appropriate – to assess the potential approach routes for malicious or errant vehicles and distance. They also use Google Maps, Ordnance survey maps and CAD to provide a detailed report.