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Global Crowd Management Alliance® (GCMA)

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Educate. Advocate. Motivate.

The Global Crowd Management Alliance® (GCMA) aims to raise the standard of crowd management practices globally through education, advocacy and motivating individuals and organisations to facilitate positive change in the industry.

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Membership in the Global Crowd Management Alliance® is open to companies, organisations and individuals actively involved in the practice of crowd management, as well as companies and organizations that support crowd management. There are four types of membership to the GCMA®: Corporate, Associate, Individual and Affiliate.

Corporate Membership

Corporate membership is open to organizations whose primary function is to provide crowd safety and security services to live events and other mass gatherings, or who directly employ a material number of internal staff with primary or significant crowd management responsibilities.Annual Dues – £500

Affiliate Membership

Affiliate Membership is open to private companies, organizations or individuals with an active interest in the field of crowd management and who have a product/service they regularly sell to the crowd management industry, that qualifies as a Support Service or Product and wish to take part in the Association’s activities. Examples of organizations and individuals who meet the Affiliate criteria include, but are not restricted to, companies that sell goods relevant to the crowd management industry, drone operators, event management companies and providers of medical services for events and mass gatherings.Annual Dues – £500

Associate Membership

Associate Membership is open to small companies or individuals providing crowd management services, public safety organizations, or academic services related to crowd management. Examples of organizations and individuals who meet the Associate criteria include, but are not restricted to, individuals or organizations providing consulting services, academic institutions, and public safety organizations.Annual Dues – £300

Individual Membership

Individual Membership is open to individuals actively engaged in a crowd safety or security role or in full-time education in the field of Crowd Management, Event Management, or Public Safety.Annual Dues – £100

Students currently enrolled in an event-related program are eligible for a 25% discount on annual dues. Email us at hello@thegcma.com for more information.


Joining GCMA® helps support the development of planning tools, educational resources and training programs designed to improve safety throughout the live event industry and become eligible for exclusive benefits and discounts that far exceed the cost of membership. Current benefits by membership type are as outlined in the grid to the right.