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Sponsoring: The Challenges of Policing Events and Festival (Day 2)

Having emergency medical supplies in public venues of all sizes saves lives:

When specialist medical products designed to save lives are readily available many more lives are saved.

It’s so serious, It’s about to become law!

The necessity to be prepared has been given its own name: “Martyn’s Law”

Named in memory of one of the victims of the Arena attack.

Designed for stadiums, concert halls, retail spaces and venues

All venues open to the public benefit from being prepared for unforeseen accidents. Specialised medical kits exist to cope with exactly these types of events, because everyone knows what can happen when an accident or incident happens involving large numbers of people in crowded spaces.

A specialist medical kit designed for crowded public spaces

Emergency aid in the form of “PAcT” kits are designed to prolong life until the emergency services arrive and have been created as a direct result of the Manchester Arena attack. PAcT kits contain products that people who have no prior medical training can use to prevent loss of life following a major incident.

Every large venue has specific medical product needs, that can NOT be found on-line: Medical kits must be fit for purpose!

That’s where Steroplast’s ability to provide bespoke solutions to suit your venue, based on what your company needs and the level of care and protection you must provide for your customers. Steroplast can also provide guidance and recommendations to ensure you’re Health & safety compliance.

Specialist trauma products, advanced life support, medical consumables, pharmaceuticals and first aid.

As a supplier to the Emergency Services for over 30 years and with a wealth of knowledge on what large public venues need to ensure the health and wellbeing of visitors, Steroplast can provide you with specific medical kits and products to suit every eventuality.

One call or email brings you one step closer to finding the perfect  solution to your medical product sourcing problem.

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