Crowd Dynamics

Crowd Dynamics is the original specialist consultancy in crowd movement, modelling and management.

We are world leading experts on crowd movement and behaviour. We have a wealth of experience in modelling crowds in a variety of different places and situations from public spaces, events, transport and crowded venues to museums, festivals and religious events.

We advise some of the world’s most complex and prestigious projects and contribute to movement strategies and management plans for crowded spaces. We help to design buildings to cope with large numbers of crowds, develop and appraise crowd management strategies and event plans and forecast how crowds move to help plan for their safety and convenience.

We advise on crowd management from different perspectives, concentrating not only on crowd safety, but also visitor experience and behaviour to increase the enjoyment, atmosphere and immersion of people at events and through attractions and experiences.

Contact Details:

Paul Townsend

21 Station Road West, Oxted, Surrey RH8 9EE

01883 718 690
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