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Initsys Ltd is a software developer specialising in Crisis Management. Our primary software application, Merlin, is designed to aid in dealing with a major crisis (or a minor one) throughout its evolution, from prior to the event (by helping to identify a potential crisis), during the event (by carrying out tasks and guiding operators/security personnel through the steps identified in dealing with the event) and post-event (by providing detailed reports and data that will help in analysing what, if anything, went wrong and how it can be improved). With its extremely unique Rules Engine, Merlin is able to handle various steps entirely automatically, whilst ensuring that mistakes made by those who must deal with the steps requiring manual intervention are kept to a minimum. In the world of Crowd Management, Merlins in-built "robots" can be used to help to identify potential threats, over-crowding, suspicious behavior and search for potentially dangerous objects. It can alert those in control of the physical management of the crowds as well as provide them with a means to raise any concerns about crowd safety in a way that allows a central control room to deal with it following a specific set of rules, again minimising mistakes and the element of "what now?".

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Adam Berry Managing Director

20-22 Wenlock Road London N1 7GU

0845 330 1445
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