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PARiM is a leading cloud-based workforce management software for scheduling employees, handling rosters, managing absences and holidays, authorising work hours and keeping an eye on the time clock and payroll situation. All in real time, online and without a need for a fixed workstation. We serve midsize and large companies, who operate with temporary staff in various industries, such as event management, security and hospitality.

PARiM offers three different self-service portals for management, staff and clients, as well as Android and iOS mobile applications. This enables staff members to arrange their own schedules as well as check their schedules on their phones and receive notifications via text and email about schedule changes. For the managers, the solution includes a drag-and-drop calendar that they can use to assign shifts to specific employees, rotate staff and delegate tasks.
Thanks to this approach management can achieve a better work-life balance because rotas can be created and managed almost wherever you are, whenever you want. Staff can see when shifts are available, apply or sign up for them online resulting in better engaged staff and decreased communication barriers.
By simplifying the shift planning process and automating the communication, PARiM greatly reduces the time, paperwork and mundane administrative tasks that managers will often encounter when planning shifts.

Required for the crowd management industry, both staff and subcontractors can be handled in the system. Solution allows you to schedule or rota staff by site or event. It tracks and manages employee information, holidays & absences, certificates & training, visa & passport information and expiry, company assets (e.g uniforms ), and much more.

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