Polaris Operations

Polaris offer a bespoke approach to the provision of security services for clients. Listening to what the client wants and understanding what the client needs enables Polaris to deliver a more comprehensive service than other security providers. The formulaic and template approach to providing services to clients has no place in Polaris Operations and the continued development of unique and specialised solutions keeps Polaris at the forefront of the provision of security services. The same approach is taken with training delivery. Operationally competent trainers deliver relevant, current best practice and continually review delivered material to ensure the best training possible is given to all participants. This is so Polaris can assist with maintaining high standards throughout the Security Industry. The core business of Polaris is the provision of low-key protective services in line with the ‘soft skills’ approach used by the UK Police where protection and facilitation are key to supporting all client’s activities in whatever environment they may be called upon to be performed in.

Contact Details:

Jon Hill

Parkshot House, 5 Kew Road, Richmond TW9 1XD

020 8100 6071
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