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Sesame Portastile Ltd offers a bespoke multi entrance, perimeter equipment network which automatically records first time entrants, temporary pass outs and returns over their dedicated telemetry system The system, which has been in use at the Glastonbury Festival of Performing Arts has routinely recorded half a million visitors, traders. staff, security and entertainers’ movements over a seven-day period. The system however is not solely restricted to large scale events and provides a valuable aid to much smaller events This mechanically generated data is then instantaneously transmitted and collated at a central on-site control to provide a real-time on-site number at any given moment. This data is stored to provide valuable personnel flow rates, revenue protection and evidence of licensing requirement adherence for retrospective analysis. A range of equipment is employed from full height turnstiles rapid egress pods, half height tripod turnstiles and, to monitor vehicular movements handheld fully networked units. The full height turnstiles, in purely mechanical mode, have been deployed temporarily at various High Security National Governmental Conferences under the auspices of various police authorities which include GM. West Sussex, Northumbria and Merseyside. We also deploy and offer for sale a comprehensive range of walk through metal detector arches. Our range includes indoor fixed arches for permanent installations such as airports, conference centres and entertainment venues. Waterproof arches (IP67 rated) suitable for use at all outdoor venues and fully portable arches that can be moved from location to location in a small SUV, installed easily and quickly by one person and moved around the designated site effortlessly on its integral wheels.

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David Welsh Operations Director

Sesame Portastile Units DS3 & DS4, Junction 7 Business Park, Blackburn Road Clayton-Le-Moors, Lancashire, BB5 5JW

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