Anne Marie Chebib

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Anne Marie Chebib

Anne Marie Chebib is the Secretary of the UKCMA (United Kingdom Crowd Management Association) and Managing Director of Select Security and Stewarding Ltd.

She is a crowd management practitioner and consultant for the special events industry, looking after people who look after people, in all roles. Annie’s specialisms include strategic planning, agency liaison, and management of projects and personnel.

She represents the UKCMA on numerous consultation committees and is currently working on a cross-industry initiative ‘Crowd Management Good Practice. Supporting Documentation for Performance and Licensed Spaces in the United Kingdom’ which is due to launch in spring 2024.  Annie is also part of the Global Crowd Management Alliance (GCMA) Secretariat and core working group.

She spends far too much time on Zoom. She takes everything seriously but likes to smile. She really likes tea.

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