Inquest Canine Detection & Security Limited

Inquest Canine Detection & Security Limited is committed to developing a sustainable prevention package by offering proactive, highly visible sniffer dog search teams using uniformed, qualified dog handlers, signage and highly trained accredited detection dogs. Our services include, Drug Detection Dog teams (both passive and proactive), Explosive Detection Dog teams. All our Explosive Detection Dogs are fully trained, assessed and accredited by an independent body. Furthermore all dogs are trained on real explosives scents. Our Drug Detection Dogs, that are trained to actively seek out illicit substances in any environment, are also only trained on real drug scents.To maintain proficiency both the dogs and there trained handlers undergo regular continual professional development training of at least once each month.FULLY COMPLIANT WITH THE 5 FREEDOMS OF ANIMAL WELFARE

Contact Details:

Dean Porter Managing Director

164 Walkden Road Worsley Manchester M28 7D

07516 105428
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